Potato Research

James Hutton Institute is probably the world's largest centre for research into potatoes. James Hutton Limited converts this potato research into products and services of value to the potato industry.

Breeding - James Hutton Institute (and its predecessor the Scottish Crop Research Institute), has a long history of breeding commercially successful varieties.  Our current portfolio of Potato varieties can be found here. We are interested in talking to companies considering initiating their own breeding programmes or who would like to access new varieties of potatoes.

Plant Pathology and Diagnostics - James Hutton Institute is a world-leader in the study of pests and diseases of potato with particular strengths in late blight (Phytophthora infestans), black leg (Erwinia), potato cyst nematode (PCN) and viruses (Potato Leafroll Virus, Tobacco Rattle Virus, Potato Moptop Virus, Potato Virus Y). This expertise has been utilised to develop a range of diagnostic tests for the detection of commercially important diseases of potato.

Potato Agronomy and Physiology - Scientists at James Hutton Institute have considerable experience in developing models of potato crops for use by individual farmers or agronomists. The Management Advisory Package for Potato (mapp) is a software package that advises growers on seed rates, irrigation strategies and harvest times in order to optimise financial returns based on graded yields. In addition, we have developed software packages that advise growers on strategies to control nematode populations in potato crops, based on crop rotation, choice of variety and use of nematicides or soil sterilisation.

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