the Environment.

Whether the environment is your overall business concern or whether it's just one consideration of your current project, here are just some of the services James Hutton Limited can provide. 

Renewables & Spacial Planning

  • Renewable energy impact assessment

  • Visual Impact Assessment

  • Visualisations & 3D Modelling

  • Visualisation for public participation

  • Decision support tools

  • Shadow flicker, photomontage and wireframe

Land Quality

  • Contaminated Land Surveys & Risk Assessments

  • Bio-remediation and site specific strategies for recovery from contamination 

  • Ground gas monitoring and assessment

  • Soil & peat resource assessment

  • Site characterisation

  • Land capability classification 


  • Ecological Impact Assessment

  • Protected species and fauna surveys

  • Habitat and vegetation surveys

  • Evaluation of land management practice

  • Invasive species surveys

  • Biological water quality surveys

Water Resources

  • Flood risk assessments and modelling

  • Water resources assessment

  • Water quality/effluent sampling, monitoring and analysis

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs)

  • Rural land drainange

  • Coastal planning and environmental management

Analytical Services

Analyse and characterise:

  • Waters, oils, effluents and saline solutions

  • Plant material and animal feeding stuffs

  • Soils, rocks and sediments

  • Organic and inorganic deposits

  • Animal tissues

Products & Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Social impact assessments

  • Topographical surveying 

  • Digital environmental data

  • Mapping

  • Policy evaluation 

  • Expert witness

  • HuttonSoils analysis

  • Microresp for measuring soil respiration

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