Light Organic Isotopes

This section determines the stable isotope ratios of light elements including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in a wide range of sample types. Methods for determination of hydrogen isotopes are under development.

The section has three isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS) all by Thermo Finnigan:

  • DeltaPlus XP

  • DeltaPlus Advantage

  • Delta V Advantage

These are connected to a range of peripherals allowing a wide variety of sample types to be analysed.

Solid samples are analysed using either a Flash EA 1112 Series elemental analyser or a TC/EA high temperature elemental analyser both of which are connected to the Delta Plus XP via a Conflo III.

Gases are analysed using a Gas-bench II attached to the Delta Plus Advantage.

Compound specific isotope analysis is performed by A GC Trace Ultra with combustion columns attached via a GC Combustion III connected to the Delta V Advantage.

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